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Akira : Anime Music Video with Metallica singing No Leaf Clover

This Akira Anime music video syncs very well with No Leaf Clover by Metallica. Akira is old skool anime for sure, but it was such a great Anime film it has brought the industry a long way when it was originally released back in 1988. Many well known critics label Akira as ‘the best anime film ever made.’ The setting is in post-apocalyptic Tokyo in 2019.

If you have not seen the full film of Akira, I would suggest you rent of buy a copy today. Either way you will love it! (This will also prepare you for the Akira 2009 Hollywood Blockbuster, with Leonardo DiCaprio.)


Originally the Akira film was based on an Manga series, but later was modified slightly for the big screen. Akira also led the way for a huge spike in popularity in Anime in the United States in the early 90′s. A few things different about this anime film was one, it had super-fluid motion with over 160,000 animation cells and two, the American voice overs were complete before the movie left production.

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Sakura Wars : Anime Game to TV Series to Motion Picture

Sakura Wars Anime originally started out as a Sega Saturn video game only released in Japan in 1996, but after much popularity the series expanded to other types of media including a Sakura Wars TV series, Manga, and a motion picture. The manga version, currently serialized in Kodansha’s Magazine Z, is also released in English by TOKYOPOP. The series is considered an eponymous dramatic anime adventure. This Anime series was also made as a Playstation 2 game back in 2000 and then re released in 2003.


The Sakura Wars story line takes place in an alternate 1920′s Tokyo, Paris, and eventually New York with an all female undercover secret task force. This all girl team is called the Imperial Assault Force — Flower Division and has sworn to defend the Imperial Capital Tokyo against evil. The all girl team is led by an Imperial Navy Ensign (Ichiro Ogami).

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Full Metal Alchemist – AMV Video ( Into the Night )

This is a Full Metal Alchemist video from the song ‘Into the Night’. It is an AMV, or an Anime Music Video from YouTube. This is a pretty good fan anime video. Fullmetal Alchemist is considered Manga and is based in the countries of Europe during the Industrial Revolution period as well as several experiences from the author’s life.


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Gatchaman – Science Ninja Team Anime Video


One of my fav anime series when growing up. Gatchaman is a 5 member team.

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