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Murakami Will Open Animation Studio in LA

The LA Times reports that Takashi Murakami will open an animation studio in LA. He’s already produced a few shorts starring his mascot characters Kaikai and Kiki, as well as a video for Kanye West .


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‘NCIS’ has something for everybody

While seemingly lost in the murk of acronym-titled, murder-of-the-week television series, ” NCIS ” is more than a formulaic crime drama featuring a team of experts investigating yet another dead body.

Save the whales for dinner

OK, the post-Thanksgiving stupor is finally wearing off and I’m getting back to business again.

A Dog as a Kids Meal and Snails in Coconut via Manilla Foodistas

Not a real dog as you can see! I don’t know about their nutrition value yet if you have trouble getting your kids to eat anything but pizza and pasta, the cute kid meal creations by OMG Kawaii Bento got my …

Arts Calendar

28, when you are invited to visit the museum and be among the first to view this year’s festival and bid on fabulous gifts in the auction.


Following the previous Bleach episode 195 ended keeping all Bleach fans in suspense when Zaraki Kenpachi arrived to Ichigo’s rescue.

[Manga] Bleach 5: March of the Death Part II

Showdown for Karakura, is underway. . previous threads . Manga [Manga] Bleach [Manga] Bleach 2: The Loneliness of the King [Manga] Bleach 3: King of the Kill [Manga] Bleach 4: March of the Death Anime Bleach 1 …

Download Anime Movies – Full Anime Episodes Download Sites

Are you curious about downloading anime movies? If you love Japanese cartoons and culture, you will love the fact that you can download anime movies while paying very little for them.

Anime Business Cards – Manga Self-Marketing

Danny Choo is cool. He’s best known as the Dancing Storm Trooper , but also has had some other cool jobs with Amazon, Microsoft and Japan Airlines.