Live Drawing Example Anime Girl in MS paint

Nadyusha asked:

I hope you enjoy this anime girl created in MS Paint. I actually did not get to finish the body but you will still enjoy. :) The song is called Flavor of Life, by Utada Hikaru. I'm not associated with the singer in any way. Thank you all so much! I really appreciate your comments so much! ♥ Yes, I have used a mouse to draw this. It takes patience and practice. Nothing more. Yes, I can draw realism. I am new to anime drawing and so am practicing it.

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22 Responses to “Live Drawing Example Anime Girl in MS paint”

  1. Tearran Says:

    Your good, even if it’s on MS paint!

  2. audiospell Says:

    whats the song? in english plz?

  3. LemonPokes Says:

    Ohmigawd. This is soooo good.
    Teach me how to be a pro, just like you. D

  4. sugarqueen98 Says:

    how did you make this video without using a video camera?

  5. Roselia55 Says:

    gasps* Wow ur really good! :D
    I can’t do that… I tried once and she ended up look like she came from another world… (She didn’t look human. o.o)

  6. HolaCherry Says:

    Btw how long did you draw it?

  7. HolaCherry Says:

    Very well done ^^ I did something like that too.

  8. iciclesqueen Says:

    I wish I could use Paint and stuff to draw anime, but I think I will stick to hand since my drawing with a mouse is a no go :D
    I am still no great using my hand anyway, lol, but I will keep on practising.

    Keep up the good work and I will check out your other vids. :)

  9. Nadyusha Says:

    I noticed that people recorded my video and uploaded, but this is the original version. I even signed my name at the end in the drawing. o,o I have proof if needed at some point.

  10. Cfresh14 Says:

    OMG lol thats what I do my digital anime on!!! ^^ You are really good!

  11. sunnysea28 Says:

    you were just starting out when u did this WOW its really good… :D

  12. sherzing Says:

    id say this is very good considering this person used only paint even i struggle using paint o to draw anime

  13. JoMama964 Says:

    I’m using these videos to make my own, but there is no way it’s gonna turn out as good as theses… oh well, I’ll see how it turns out, LoL

  14. galanodude Says:

    … this is the first time EVER i’ve seen someone use Paint so efficiently. Well done. But if you wanna draw better pics, i suggest using a falsh program of some sort.

  15. Redlightning7 Says:

    How do you make it look so easy!? Dx

  16. Nani664 Says:

    nope, Description…

  17. sonickjuice Says:

    you show off but yet so good. i could send u my drawings if u want them.

  18. Magithaninjakiller95 Says:

    that’s so good

  19. FxCKEDxUPxEMO Says:

    nadyusha, r u using a graphic tablet? :)

  20. MarieAngel95 Says:

    Microsoft paint
    ( . .)

  21. MokonaSpirit Says:


  22. Sh1tHappensAlot Says:

    Microsoft paint…. lol

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