True Heroes (anime music video)

NeoMikey asked:

I'll admit that I really don't like Evangelion, but it just fit the song too well for me to pass up :) This song just really meant a lot to me, and I wanted to make a music video out of it so that it could further touch other people's lives. This is not your normal Evangelion video. For those of you who keep asking, the song is the Red Pill Mix of "Hero" by Superchick, from their album "Regeneration". (YouTube messed up the synching slightly -_- You can download the non-unsynched one for …

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25 Responses to “True Heroes (anime music video)”

  1. flowergal1143222 Says:

    so sad : (, but good : )

  2. veilen Says:

    It reminds me a movie “All About Lily Chou-Chou”.

  3. akaGALROD Says:

    great job! Your right the songs fit prefectly and i give it 10/10.
    This Video never gets old.

  4. TheLimeyLord Says:

    Wonderful song. The video fits wonderfully. Masterfully done, good job. Favourited and given 5 stars :)

  5. okonami Says:

    this video are bound to impact people the right way
    the song strikes deep !!! Awesome job ^^

  6. ThePanguin Says:

    =) If you feel helping someone is the right thing to do then of course they deserve it regardless of what else they’ve done in the past. ^ ^

    If you try to judge everyone before helping people you could make a mistake, misjudge people and end up being like everyone else and not helping someone in need! ^_^; Better to help too many people then not enough. =P Specially when there are so so many people out there that could use a hero. ^_^

    I know what you meant though I just don’t entirely agree xD

  7. Ashaira Says:

    yeah but dont be fooled not everyone deseves a hero be a hero for those that do

  8. klowiie16 Says:

    i now love this song. great video

  9. knevle147 Says:

    this amv has a message for us, that u can be a hero by just helping someone

  10. ThePanguin Says:

    This is one of my favourite videos on youtube. =D Love it! ^_^

  11. couger160229 Says:

    i love this song and it spoke to me cause the word they said in the chorus are exactly how i feel but i am doing alot better since i heard this song thx for putting it up!!

  12. scaarion Says:

    This is truly an epic song, and for exposing it to me I must thank you eternally… You did beautiful work with the AMV and… Well… It damn near brought a tear to my eye, which is saying something…

  13. evilninjamikey Says:

    I truly think this is the first time I was ever touched by an AMV. Simply incredible man. You couldn’t have found a better song or better video.

  14. Tr4vD0g Says:

    best freakin video ever!

  15. allibrat14 Says:

    wow I love that song! great job!

  16. fatman1555 Says:

    Good choose for a vid man.
    Very deep and completely true on so many levels.

  17. birddogg62 Says:

    Not bad. Good song choice.

  18. mangalover32 Says:

    I can really relate to this video… It was absoulutely incredible

  19. SisterPsychic Says:

    Beautiful work NeoMikey-I’m not an Evangelion fan either, but you used the animation to your advantage to communicate a really important message (one that’s obviously close to your heart). Well done and congratulations on being your own brand of hero by using a talent of your own to reach out to others and to increase awareness of how much we truly are connected and how important it is that we support each other as human beings. Take care and, again, well done :)

  20. flowergal1143222 Says:

    good damn job :P

  21. lovelierlex Says:

    I don’t really like Eva either but this song means a lot to me too, and this video is f’ing amazing ^^

  22. Veridant Says:

    NeoGenesis Evangelion
    That’s the anime used to make this AMV.
    Only reason I’m saying it is because people keep asking

  23. pizzathehut1 Says:

    Omg Nice song!

  24. narfonija Says:

    i am waching and waching and its still wonderfull song and clip :)

  25. DeathOfLadybugs Says:

    OMG THX SO MUCH. Never Heard this song befor but i wike it….(Do you notice how everybody sounds so girly in comments…*barf*)

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