Anime Girls – Thong Song AMV

CuttieBear21 asked:

Anime Thong Song! (+13) Video has been flagged by the owner for your safety. …

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5 Responses to “Anime Girls – Thong Song AMV”

  1. CuttieBear21 Says:

    You remeber it because it was removed way back when youtube started, I now have it reposted!

  2. MikuMikuDanceFreak Says:

    Hey this is a old amv I forgot who made it hmm i’ll go look it up

  3. HyuugaRika Says:

    …Am I the only one who thinks that ***** looks like Excell Excell?

  4. MellowBlade Says:

    Various animes

  5. cushrinada Says:

    What is the name of this anime?

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