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The Growing Popularity Of K-ON!

by Ria Tsumugi

Each new season in Japan brings along a host of fresh anime series for fans all over the world. There is one particular series that has caught the eye of many fans. It is the tale of four girls who meet in high school through an activity club that allows them to play pop music in a band.

K-ON! is the anime series in which it is called. It means light music in Japanese, which is what the club is all about. The four girls were first serialized in a weekly manga magazine in the same country, but did not receive the same response as their animated form.

The main protagonist of K-ON! is Yui Hirasawa. Yui is an extremely adorable high school girl who is excited about entering the new educational level. While she is often made fun of due to her silliness and carefree demeanour, Yui does hold some special qualities and is actually rather intelligent.

As for the plot of the anime, there is nothing surprising or unique about it. In fact, it is basically a telling of the lives of Yui and her three other friends in the club – Mio, Ritsu and Mugi as they spend their high school days together. The attraction is in the touching moments in which the girls bond together and discover their joy in band performances.

Fans have quickly caught on to the quirky and light hearted feel of the story. Interestingly, despite her charms, Yui is not the most popular character of the four. Instead, it is the long haired Mio who is often the more mature in the group, although deep inside she is a shy and timid person.

There is also growing interest in K-ON! from fans from all over the world. As the premise of the anime is based partly on the quaint and cute Japanese high school culture, it is little wonder why the series has enjoyed great response even from non-Japanese fans.

The voice actresses are also the highlight of the series so far with their talent. They have had to go beyond their normal services, such as having to sing and record music singles to advance the franchise. They have so far acquitted themselves well and gaining fame of their own.

What is next in store for the K-ON! franchise and fans? News of a line of toys and figures have surfaced and fans are all excited about their release. If the quality of the anime can be maintained till the end, there is no doubt in many people’s minds that it will become one of the most successful anime series ever.

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