Before You Go To Otakon 2011 – What You Should Know About Otakon

There is a convention held every year in Baltimore, Maryland that attracts over 29,000 people. Otakon is a cosplay convention where there is an enormous amount of activities and space for costumers to meet with each other. The convention is held every year in the Baltimore Convention Center, and it was started back in 1994. The convention center is bigger than 1,000,000 square feet, and last year had an attendance of more than 29,000 people, so it is important to plan ahead before going.

There are a ton of things to do and activities planned out in every corner of the Baltimore Convention Center. Because of the tremendous amount of space, it is advised that you go in a costume which is comfortable to walk in. That is, if you would like to see a lot of the activities that is going on. If you can’t wear comfortable shoes for your costume, bring an extra pair, because there is a lot of walking to do at this convention, and don’t be surprised to walk miles every day.

When going to the convention, if you are going by car, be sure to leave extra early so that you can get a good parking space. The spaces next to the convention notoriously fill up very quickly, and you don’t want to be walking blocks in your costume. Hotels also book up earlier than most conventions, because of the amount of people coming into the city and the attraction of people from other countries.

You can actually pick up your tickets before the actual day of the convention. This is what many call “the line”, which involves a long line spread across the building, but last year in 2010, things went much smoother. It is advisable that you go the day before to pick up your passes, rather than go on the day of the convention. That way you don’t have to spend your time on the convention day in a line.

Many people bring their own food to the convention, buy it there, or else go to the mall cafeteria which is located in the Inner Harbor. Decide a schedule for yourself and your group before going to avoid any delays. Many times if you go during lunch or dinner, you will miss out on many panels, because the cafeteria area will be packed. If you follow these tips, and plan a schedule, then you will have an even better convention experience.

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