Cosplay Pokemon – Pokemon Gijinka

A hobby that many people partake in is cosplay. This is when people dress up at their favorite character, usually anime characters. They then go to conventions and show off their costumes, plus see other events. One anime that is very popular to cosplay is Pokemon cosplay.

The purpose of Pokemon is to catch and train them. It started out as a game but now has evolved into an anime series a well. There were originally 150 of these creatures, but as more games were released, there are now 500 to chose from. These new characters will probably be seen cosplayed as in the next coming months as their is a new version coming out called Black and White. There are always three Pokemon to start off with, so they are usually chosen to costume as. Pokemon are characters too and when dressing up as them, it is important to remember to stick to your character. The only one of them that talks is Meowth.

Some popular characters include Pikachu, Mewtwo, Squirtle, and Charizard. Sometimes people will cosplay as the Pokemon by building an entire costume to look identically like the Pokemon they chose. Others create their costumes to look more human. This is called Pokemon Gijinka. This is when animate qualities are given to inanimate objects. However, it could also involve giving human qualities to things such as Pokemon.

These cosplayers commonly draft out their ideas on paper before creating their costumes. Their costumes can be extra time consuming since it is essentially an original piece. Most of these types are artists or they have another artist draft up their pieces for them. However, it is best not to stray away from what makes the Pokemon special. For example, it would make no sense not to put the tail on your costume if you are dressing up as Pikachu. Some cosplayers get into the habit of making their costumes look nothing like the character, and that is where they can fail.

The conventions are always filled with Pokemon characters, and will continue to be filled with them for a long time. There are new games always coming out, and now there are over 500 Pokemon for fans of the series to create costumes of.

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