Morrigan – Who Is Morrigan Aensland?

One of the greatest fighting games of all time was created by Capcom, and is known for its depiction of classic monsters, and that game is, Darkstalkers. The game was released by Capcom in 1994. Morrigan is a character from this famous series, but has also been in such games as Marvel vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. There are a lot of different depictions of her character, and in many forms of media, because of this, she has been called the main character of the series.

Her character is a succubus, or a female demon. However, even though she is a demon, her character is a classic anti hero. In the anime version, she is a part of a royal family who takes trips to Earth due to her being curious what is like. Another reason is that she is bored of her other world, and thinks that the human world is much more interesting. She is rich and has a good life but would like to explore more. In other adaptations she is seen as more of a villain or she is more closely related to her sexual side.

Her sexual side has been played up in many forms of media, but in the Night Warriors anime, they give her more of a character. She is part of a royal family and should have all that she needs, since she is so rich, however she is bored with life, and decides to visit the earthly realm in order to cure her boredom.

In the original game, she fights by mostly using her wings as attacks. Her wings can transform into blades or they can also transform into bats that attack the enemy. Her finishing move is known as Darkness Illusion and can be activated in the first game by hitting the button sequence LP, LP, F, LK, HP. Along with her wings, she uses ki energy to fight. It is said that her fighting style most closely resembles Ryu from the Street Fighter games.

She has been called the main character of Darkstalkers due to how many cross overs she has in other video games. This is one character that is not going to go away over night. The latest games you can play as her in are Cross Edge and Namco vs. Capcom.

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