Otakon – What Cosplayers Needs To Know

In 2011, there will be convention that every fan of East Asian culture should be going to, and that is Otakon. If you are looking to go, you will want to book a room near the Baltimore Convention Center, as that is where it is held now. Many people go costuming as their favorite characters. Usually these are characters from anime, but they can also be from movies, video games, or other forms of comics. This convention has grown a lot since its humble beginnings and now there are over 20,000 people who go to it every year.

Wondering what there is to do at the convention? Why not look at all the other costumes that everyone else worked so hard on? You can also pose for pictures in yours as this is a favorite thing to do. If you are an artist you can put your art up in the artist’s alley and people may even purchase it. Get a bunch of friends and put together a show or if you are more of the informative type, you can sign up to do a panel to inform people on all of your knowledge.

Those who would like to watch movies can watch a ton of foreign films in HD on big projectors. Also, there is a huge gaming room where you can play video games with your friends. Those who come in costume can check on the internet to find scheduled photoshoots where they can meet up with the same type of characters and get their photo taken.

Late at night they show some movies that you need to be over 18 to see. They usually do this by making you stand in line and get a wrist band. Also at night, there is the popular rave, which is a late night dance party for those who come.

This is one of the most popular conventions, and one of the biggest too. If you are planning on going, make sure that you plan on walking a lot as you may be surprised just how much there is to do when you get there.

www.Otakon2011.com is the best resource for finding out more on Otakon, and for finding photos of past events.

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