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Bleach – Episode 1 part 1 [English]

Enjoy^^ …

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Bleach – Episode 1 part 1 [English]


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Bleach Music Video Featuring ‘I’m Back’ by Dope

This is a fast and choppy video, but as the author says, “It has a lot of strong language.There is also A LOT of flashing but, thats what makes it so cool.”

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Stand In The Rain: Bleach Series Anime Video

This Bleach music video is from the song ‘Stand In The Rain.’ Bleach is a hugely popular Japanese Anime Series in Japan and in the United States. The main character from Bleach in this video is Orihime. The song, Stand In The Rain is by SuperChick from the album Beauty From Pain 1.1. Orihime is the main female character in the Bleach Series. Orihime is a classmate and best friend to the main character Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach. She poses special spiritual powers as most of Ichigo’s friend do. Orihime is known to be technically challenged, she appears naive and clueless, makes high marks in school, and has a black belt.

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Bleach Manga Video: Everything Burns

“Everything Burns” is the background music for this anime Bleach video.

Everything Burns, is a song written by guitarist Ben Moody and singer Anastacia for ‘The Fantastic Four’ sounds track back in 2005.

As you all know, Bleach is a Japanese Manga Series by Tite Kubo. Bleach anime has been around since August 2001 and originally was released under popular anime magazine, ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’ . The series is so popular in Japan there has been over 40 million copies of the computation DVD and in the U.S the Bleach series is continually in to top sales for Manga.

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Bleach Music Video: Bombshell By Powerman 5000

This is a music video of the anime Bleach. The music is by Powerman 5000 and the song is ‘Bombshell’. The music video compilation was created by TKO productions.

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