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How does an anime site store its tons of video files?

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mustbemadeofsteel asked:

like for every anime, there are like 200 videos ranging from 30mins-1hour.
and they have like 20 titles of different animes or even more!

i wonder how do they do it.
mercuri, you just mentioned it, you didn’t exactly explained it XD

Watch Anime Music Videos

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How do I edit out the sound off an anime episode/video?

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Randomness asked:

Ok, so I have these Naruto and Death Note episodes on my computer and I want to edit out the sound so I can make an AVM. And also, if you could answer this question, is there any good program I can use to make an AVM besides Windows Movie Maker? Because when I use WMM, it doesn’t let me load the videos/episodes I want to appear there.
Thanks peoples! :)

Play Dice Related Flash Games

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