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Where to meet girls who like anime and video games?

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blazefirestorm21 asked:

I would like to know where to meet girls who like anime and video games. I live in Hamilton, Ontario and there isn’t many places. I have tried clubs in college, speed dating at college, online gaming sites, online dating sites, video game stores and anime stores. It’s very hard to meet girl like that, that are not already taken.
I’m also 21 years old.
and there is an anime and a video game club in college but all girls are taken.

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In Anime, Video Games and Manga why do they make it a point to mention the characters blood type?

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JellyCat asked:

I’ve noticed it a lot in Instruction books for some RPGs and in Manga.


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What are good anime video games for PS2?

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Alice (lives in wonderland) asked:

I cant find too many that are good.

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