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Best Animes Of All Time

The word anime stands for the short form of Japanese dependent animation clips which can be employed to view video. Although historically, the initial anime was made around the begin with the twentieth century in Japan, using the use of French and German techniques, animes grew in significant popularity inside 1930s.

With the televisions coming as a part of the house hold, the anime market grew many folds and it is now a huge attraction in not only Japan, but in all parts of the world. Also, the anime industry which first started with artists painstakingly making drawing one after the other, found a major breakthrough when the animation capability got added to computers, which allowed them to digitally create animes, not only much faster, but also provided options to reuse the same anime, try multiple color combinations and easily rectify the mistakes.

Due to increased popularity, the animes do play an important role in the lives of the people. The most attracted to the animes are of course, the children, and hence animes play a very important role in molding the future generations. While there are some animes which put a lot of importance on the look of the characters, which enables them to resemble the nationals of some country or region, there are others which do not show any such preferences.

All in all, the animes provide a wonderful way to explain the beautiful feelings like love, friendship and are also cheaper as compared to movies when it comes to producing a series, since the characters are imaginary, they do not charge any fees and the production is also cheaper.

All the great anime productions have a tremendous fan following worldwide. Using the advent of channels like Cartoon Network, Pogo and Nickelodeon, the animes have found an enormous marketplace. Different websites also have their own ranking around the very best animes, dependent on diverse parameters.

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How does an anime site store its tons of video files?

anime video
mustbemadeofsteel asked:

like for every anime, there are like 200 videos ranging from 30mins-1hour.
and they have like 20 titles of different animes or even more!

i wonder how do they do it.
mercuri, you just mentioned it, you didn’t exactly explained it XD

Watch Anime Music Videos

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How and where can I get anime video clips?

anime video
tanaleo asked:

Uhmmm… stuff like Naruto, Shugo Chara, and other good animes.
How can I download them and where can I get some? Help please…
And how do I edit them… can anybody point me to a site or a program I can download.

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