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Cosplay Pokemon – Pokemon Gijinka

A hobby that many people partake in is cosplay. This is when people dress up at their favorite character, usually anime characters. They then go to conventions and show off their costumes, plus see other events. One anime that is very popular to cosplay is Pokemon cosplay.

The purpose of Pokemon is to catch and train them. It started out as a game but now has evolved into an anime series a well. There were originally 150 of these creatures, but as more games were released, there are now 500 to chose from. These new characters will probably be seen cosplayed as in the next coming months as their is a new version coming out called Black and White. There are always three Pokemon to start off with, so they are usually chosen to costume as. Pokemon are characters too and when dressing up as them, it is important to remember to stick to your character. The only one of them that talks is Meowth.

Some popular characters include Pikachu, Mewtwo, Squirtle, and Charizard. Sometimes people will cosplay as the Pokemon by building an entire costume to look identically like the Pokemon they chose. Others create their costumes to look more human. This is called Pokemon Gijinka. This is when animate qualities are given to inanimate objects. However, it could also involve giving human qualities to things such as Pokemon.

These cosplayers commonly draft out their ideas on paper before creating their costumes. Their costumes can be extra time consuming since it is essentially an original piece. Most of these types are artists or they have another artist draft up their pieces for them. However, it is best not to stray away from what makes the Pokemon special. For example, it would make no sense not to put the tail on your costume if you are dressing up as Pikachu. Some cosplayers get into the habit of making their costumes look nothing like the character, and that is where they can fail.

The conventions are always filled with Pokemon characters, and will continue to be filled with them for a long time. There are new games always coming out, and now there are over 500 Pokemon for fans of the series to create costumes of.

Want to see some cosplay costumes? How about over 150 pokemon cosplay all in one place?

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Otakon – What Cosplayers Needs To Know

In 2011, there will be convention that every fan of East Asian culture should be going to, and that is Otakon. If you are looking to go, you will want to book a room near the Baltimore Convention Center, as that is where it is held now. Many people go costuming as their favorite characters. Usually these are characters from anime, but they can also be from movies, video games, or other forms of comics. This convention has grown a lot since its humble beginnings and now there are over 20,000 people who go to it every year.

Wondering what there is to do at the convention? Why not look at all the other costumes that everyone else worked so hard on? You can also pose for pictures in yours as this is a favorite thing to do. If you are an artist you can put your art up in the artist’s alley and people may even purchase it. Get a bunch of friends and put together a show or if you are more of the informative type, you can sign up to do a panel to inform people on all of your knowledge.

Those who would like to watch movies can watch a ton of foreign films in HD on big projectors. Also, there is a huge gaming room where you can play video games with your friends. Those who come in costume can check on the internet to find scheduled photoshoots where they can meet up with the same type of characters and get their photo taken.

Late at night they show some movies that you need to be over 18 to see. They usually do this by making you stand in line and get a wrist band. Also at night, there is the popular rave, which is a late night dance party for those who come.

This is one of the most popular conventions, and one of the biggest too. If you are planning on going, make sure that you plan on walking a lot as you may be surprised just how much there is to do when you get there. is the best resource for finding out more on Otakon, and for finding photos of past events.

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Morrigan – Who Is Morrigan Aensland?

One of the greatest fighting games of all time was created by Capcom, and is known for its depiction of classic monsters, and that game is, Darkstalkers. The game was released by Capcom in 1994. Morrigan is a character from this famous series, but has also been in such games as Marvel vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. There are a lot of different depictions of her character, and in many forms of media, because of this, she has been called the main character of the series.

Her character is a succubus, or a female demon. However, even though she is a demon, her character is a classic anti hero. In the anime version, she is a part of a royal family who takes trips to Earth due to her being curious what is like. Another reason is that she is bored of her other world, and thinks that the human world is much more interesting. She is rich and has a good life but would like to explore more. In other adaptations she is seen as more of a villain or she is more closely related to her sexual side.

Her sexual side has been played up in many forms of media, but in the Night Warriors anime, they give her more of a character. She is part of a royal family and should have all that she needs, since she is so rich, however she is bored with life, and decides to visit the earthly realm in order to cure her boredom.

In the original game, she fights by mostly using her wings as attacks. Her wings can transform into blades or they can also transform into bats that attack the enemy. Her finishing move is known as Darkness Illusion and can be activated in the first game by hitting the button sequence LP, LP, F, LK, HP. Along with her wings, she uses ki energy to fight. It is said that her fighting style most closely resembles Ryu from the Street Fighter games.

She has been called the main character of Darkstalkers due to how many cross overs she has in other video games. This is one character that is not going to go away over night. The latest games you can play as her in are Cross Edge and Namco vs. Capcom.

Want to find out more info and see pictures of Morrigan, then visit the cosplay resource,

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The Benefits Of Using Anime Subtitles

by Brian Case

Demand for anime has been rising for some time as the genre finds itself in increasing favor by people around the world. This has resulted in more anime being produced to appease and attract more fans. With wild success comes some nice problems, although these must still be handled well.

The main issue now for anime series which originate from Japan is the pace at which the production companies are able to meet demand from international fans. Most of these fans do not understand the Japanese language. As a result, to cater to viewers, the anime series have to be translated or dubbed in English or a language that has an audience.

Translating to English is not the Japanese’s best attribute. They face problems in doing so at a rate fast enough for international customers. Their priority is also on the local market. An alternative is to give licensing rights to the translation to other production companies in the United States who then do their job in subtitling or dubbing.

Doing so results in three different ways the anime series are packaged for international audiences. The first is to provide subtitles with the video. The second is to dub the series in English or some other language in demand. And the third is a combined package of the two.

There are fans who prefer one of the two or have no preferences over the issue. Yet, there are many reasons as to why having anime series subtitled for international audiences could be a better way to market and sell them to a wider consumer base.

Japanese is not an easy language to learn nor understand, thus international anime fans are not well acquainted with it. But the genre comes from Japan, so the more natural presentation would be for them to be in the local language itself. This also helps fuels fans’ interest in the language and subtitles would not hinder that.

Anime fans might also be students of the language. Thus, they would prefer having subtitles that can either help or avoid being impaired by the lack of Japanese audio. They can improve their listening skills while using the subtitles as a learning guide in understanding.

Thus, with subtitles, anime can become a powerful medium for the purpose of spreading Japan’s culture and language. English-dubbed anime will always have its place, but they face limitations in conveying the truest emotions in anime. The former can only be more fun for both fans, hobbyists and language enthusiasts.

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