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True Heroes (anime music video)

NeoMikey asked:

I'll admit that I really don't like Evangelion, but it just fit the song too well for me to pass up :) This song just really meant a lot to me, and I wanted to make a music video out of it so that it could further touch other people's lives. This is not your normal Evangelion video. For those of you who keep asking, the song is the Red Pill Mix of "Hero" by Superchick, from their album "Regeneration". (YouTube messed up the synching slightly -_- You can download the non-unsynched one for …

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Is it legal to put an Anime Music Video on Youtube?

anime video
Emily asked:

I really wanted to make one but i am not sure if it is legal or not.

Seen Saint Seiya Anime?

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Are there any good anime video’s on you tube?

anime video
Roxas of Organization 13 asked:

They don’t have to be about the anime shows, but it can be about music video’s or something like that.

Anime question: Who’s your favorite Bleach character and why?

A Tweet Candy Blog

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What’s the order of the Daft Punk anime music video series?

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Cuby Allen asked:

This series is really cool it tells a cool story but I want to watch it in order…does anyone know that order?

Look at Anime Figurines on Ebay

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