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How do I make an anime video on youtube?

anime video
Nhu N asked:

i have an account on youtube and i want to make a video …. like an anime video like >>>
please help!! i really want to make one ^^
well… i just want to make it like a slideshow with music ^^

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I want to enter a Anime/video game Karaoke comp?

anime video
Redelle asked:

I’m not sure what song to do. Its pretty difficult to sing in japanese, but I would prefer english.
Any Ideas? It has to be a song from a video game or a Anime.
I’m a female vocalist and I’m an alto.

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Can somebody look at me anime video?

anime video
torhu-honda asked:

look up anime because of you by kaylashoma and if you have a youtube can you rate and comment,or tell me as an awsner to this question if you don’t have one!

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How can I find video game/anime conventions, events, tours near me?

anime video
Toxic-Waste asked:

I live in Vancouver Canada and im trying to find some anime or video game events to go to. I would like to know if there are websites devoted to these things.

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